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Why do couples fight?

Being in a loving and caring relationship or marriage is one of the most euphoric things. Waking up to the sight of your loved one sprawled next to you every morning is just heart-warming. And all those initial tingling and scintillating sensations you experience when you are in love with that special person just make your heart beam to its fullest.

But this joyous sensation, this euphoria doesn’t prevail in every single moment you spend with your partner. There are times when love diminishes or just hides behind a person’s veil of anger, frustration, anxiety, apathy or depression. At such times, it is neither your fault nor the fault of your other half.

It’s just the cumulative effect of the situations you both are going through which shall pass only if you allow it to. There can be several reasons behind couples quarrelling. Some could be as petty as disliking each other’s peculiar habits while others could be grave, ranging from false accusations to discontentment in the relationship.

But these skirmishes are only heightened when there is a lack of trust, communication and adequate mutual understanding between lovers. If your fights are very frequent and trivial, it is surely due to a lack of proper communication.

In today’s modern world, every one of us is on the run. At any given point we are always trying to fulfil our duties and responsibilities as a spouse, parents or offspring and yet endeavour to make time for our professional commitments. But amidst all this, we forget to connect with our loved ones on a higher, deeper level, which propagates mutual understanding and respect.

If you take the initiative of drawing out time to self reflect and self introspect to excavate the root causes behind your fights, you will surely find a solution or two as well as the reasons behind your fights, which you can then work on.

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