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Who Are You?

What makes you wake up in the morning? Is the something you are passionate about that drives you to work all the long? Or, is it just something you have to do?

Are you living or merely surviving?

After all, what living really means? Is it the way to perform your daily tasks or is it secluding yourself to enjoy the inner peace?

I wonder, am I the only one who feels the need to find purpose in life? Where shall I go for answers? How am I supposed to find the true realm of my being?

Life is full of questions and maybe living is just an answer. I am not giving up on these questions. I am growing restless to have an answer to rest the storm inside me...

Am I supposed to live just like that? Or, am I supposed to break the clutches of time and do something huge? If yes, what is it? How and where shall I go when I wake up tomorrow...

What shall I do, when my body is rested and waiting for me to leave the bed? But, my mind stops me from getting out of it because we both wonder, what to do when you leave the bed...

//Fri 23 June 1:36 AM

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