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The Heart's Silent Fear

It becomes so important at times to have someone with you, to love someone. No matter how fulfilled you feel within, the want for someone else often lies in our hearts. The fact is that I have been feeling happy, confident, and at peace, yet the desire to have someone never dies. I have been working on myself for months now, I am in a better state mentally, physically, and emotionally. I believe that with self-love comes self-awareness. With self-awareness, I am no longer willing to compromise my boundaries for other people's happiness, I am definitely not entertaining people who walked right over me and find it okay to walk back into my life as if it were nothing.

The scary part is that once you feel fulfilled and you learn your value, you realise who is not treating you right and you straightaway just end ties. It can often lead to feeling alone. Yet, the best part is you have yourself and you love your company. Yay!

So, the reason I am writing today's blog post is that despite promising myself to stay away from all the like-love-crush drama, it seems my heart skipped a beat. It came to me as a surprise but again, I love poetry... So, I am going to write about it! Here we go...

I haven't felt my heart beating for so long,

the pain and aches took over happiness and calm,

I forgot about the tingling joy of that little muscle,

leading to a huge smile and a bright face.

We don't share the same tongue,

expressions often lead to confusion.

Despite our tries to understand each other,

I believe you are just another teaser.

I see your eyes filled with hope,

I also see the broken road,

you have undergone a loss of trust,

you go silent when you feel your fear.

Those soft giggles over the call,

make my heart smile over the fall,

I wish I could hold you as if you were not so far,

rest my head on your shoulders and embrace you...

For all I know it is a farfetched dream,

you stepped into my crashing, burning world

when everything was ending and I was on the verge

you came in and quelled it down.

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