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It is funny how my heart skips a beat,

how life changes from what it used to be.

I could not imagine myself this happy and somewhat at peace.

There are days, I don't know what to feel,

Sometimes I think I know you,

Some days I wonder if I really do.

All of a sudden, he landed in my life,

I was a sad broken soul,

roaming around searching for hope...

It was out of nowhere, that I could sense the care,

confused as I was, why would someone come so close?

I see glitter in his eyes, the most innocent shine,

his laugh is playful, his voice is soothing...

I find his nature to be amusing

What is happening? I am wondering.

Despite how far it may seem,

despite all the problems we may see,

the place feels happy- and I know it is scary.

I have never known the selfless compassion,

I have been used to benefit men,

How will I get over my fears & let go to attain freedom?

It is crazy, how scary it feels,

But despite all these feelings,

I want to hold onto the person,

And see what wonders are left to ponder.

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