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The Secret of my Inspiration & Power

Not long enough, I set my eyes on searching for a path

I was strangling to know, what I can do.

When I had no clue, to be what I am capable of,

I remember my nanu saying what he thought.

The day was like any other, yet it was unique in some ways.

I saw a sharp glow in his eyes when he called me closer to his side,

he gently asked me what I wanted to be in life.

After standing still for a long minute,

I only uttered, 'Nanu, I don't know what to do, I might just be a teacher,'

he said nothing then, hoping to see if I was sure

like I know I did not know,

he silently waited before he said something to me.

He asked me if I like political science, and I nodded yes.

He asked me if I like to know the past and the surroundings,

to that, I nodded yes.

He asked me if I believed in security and power, and I simply nodded yes.

He smiled gently and then he said, I would love to see my granddaughter

prepare for administrative

I was shocked, as it was only the powerful ones who stepped into this battle.

I was doubting my abilities until I saw him smile and knew it all.

I am aware since then, that I can bring it in.


For as long as I can recall, he never said anything to me that'd change me

But since then things changed-

when he was informed about me starting the journey

he was overjoyed and I received abundant good wishes.

He motivates, he says that he knows what I can do.

I know I am no less... I know I can do it.

But today I saw him at the hospital, in the ICU

battling a major problem.

I couldn't control the rush of my tears, ready to roll down my eyes

As I saw him, the man who was loved by all, always buttoned and looking smart

who'd always be on time-punctuality was his moral-

he was lying on the bed, with closed eyes trying to capture his dreams.

I stood there for a few seconds, I couldn't any longer

I could feel my heart twitching and paining from his condition.

Never in my life have I seen Nanu- not active, not working.

He is my star, my strength, my bravery, my teacher and my mentor.

He is all I have to look up to, not only my ideal but my admiration.

All I want is to make him proud.

To the unknown fate, I beg you to be in my favour.

I will take all his teaching wrapped in my arms

all my life.

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