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The Last Escape

If only I had any idea where I am heading. The universe seems to give a sign, they say. Some believe it isn't the words they spit but the work you do. Often listening to the society-based norms, you forget how individuality is a thing.

Someone wise and lovely told me today the truth I have been avoiding for years. Escape, we all have our ways to escape reality. Runaway for some time and relax in our own way...

My escape is writing, writing to put my heart open for everyone to know things that are not said aloud.

Here, I have something which crossed my mind right now...

With words so deep

heart still weep

sorrow is what they feel

with no intention and yet zeal

For all, I have ever known

rain tells you a story- some happy and other merry

One who shut themselevs out

Want to know who can bring them around and about

It is beautiful,

holding on to life will bring you joy

If I must say

lovely in its own way

like thunder casts a spell

barks break in million pieces

just like the heart did

flowers bloom like beauty in the mud

nectar sweet enough to attract the butterflies

Days come

when the rose dies

petals fall and everyone cries

all we have is sadness...

tears and cries, slow and heavy

breathing seems to naturally get at peace

Life is a gift

holding everything in it

like tears, love, smiles, betrayal

set yourself free

go away from the burden that does not heal

let go

let go

time is precious

it is all you need to know

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Veenu Puri Sachdev
Veenu Puri Sachdev
Apr 16, 2021

Time is no flute

strings can be hard and smooth

but the melody is touching

we can just flow like river

holding is tough

let go is easy

follow and be happy


Vimanyu Chaturvedi
Vimanyu Chaturvedi
Apr 16, 2021

Just sooo real 💕💕.

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