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Sunflower in a Bed of Roses

Loneliness is an unpleasant emotional response to perceived isolation. Loneliness is also described as social pain—a psychological mechanism that motivates individuals to seek social connections. It is often associated with an unwanted lack of connection and intimacy.

Why are people lonely?

Loneliness can happen for a number of reasons. For example, you might feel lonely if you:

change schools or jobs

work from home

move to a new city

end a relationship

are living alone for the first time

Loneliness, a feeling where you have people around you but nobody with you.

Staring at my phone

waiting for it to ring

the ecstasy was missing

no longer in need to curve my lips

every word felt like an apocalypse

it has been years,

I have lost my true self

searching for waves

I found mere hate

Wondering where it comes from

no one connects but wishes to escape the town

Runaway from narrow lanes

In a wish to live somewhere in big

people pick roses

they unsee others

what is the reason

is it really the acceptance...

I am a sunflower in a bed of roses

I was trying to fit in just to make it certain

Lost myself while looking at those petals

All were red, glittered in rich

gloomy clouds surrounded me slowly

I was dying a bit daily

I heard someone call my name

Oh well, that is him...

The Sun called out my name

'learn to accept your imperfections

they make you perfect.

stop complaining as you always do

Look at you, you are beautiful'

Pondering over

It slowly came to hover

just as the daffodils fly

freedom is your own cry

you learn to live either with pain

or with a smile untamed.

Words are left unsaid, unfelt, and well just not expressed. I have been understanding how humans feel lonely, how they can wish otherwise and move forward. It is easy to understand how to presume and work in any environment.

Depression, stress, anxiety almost every mental disorder begins from feeling lonely/alone.


Penning down thoughts, writing what your heart desires is one of the biggest strengths one can hold. With tough times, find ways to ease your mind. Let it flow freely, allow your mind and body to trust the plans of almighty.

let each day pass slowly...

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1 Comment

Vimanyu Chaturvedi
Vimanyu Chaturvedi
May 23, 2021

Perfectly articulated.

Anyone and everyone who's reading this,

Ipsita is the strongest person I have ever come across :)).

More power to you 🧡🌻🌻.

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