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Love; A definition

Love, there is no perfect definition for this huge emotion. People have a unique way to feel and name love. Some find love in nature, some associate love with animals, some with the opposite. That goddamn smile. Looking at that person just takes away your worries. You wish to look deep into their eyes, with the hope that they can see stars within your body, sliding along your soul.

These days, not everyone is able to understand the true meaning of love. Often we are caught up in a cycle of change. Change of partners too. The love seems to lose value, is it? Love takes forms. For one, who loves to play easy and end things in a snap might have worked with the reconstruction of the definition.

Let us see what starry love means to me;

When I looked into your eyes

They seemed as if they were mine

Swollen red, dry, and dead

Were you crying before I stepped?

Your hands seem cold

Are you shivering because of no hold?

Times are rough

Perfect example you were

Craved to see the end of the folded flesh

Down you go with a hunch in your back

Carrying the burden of blames and pains

No-fault of you, I say with my brain

Deal with the beauty of zest from beyond

Life will groan

For taking that grin off your face

For My dear one,

I know the cost of standing at the verge

And stepping behind to rediscover

Let me help you make it worthy

This tiny little hope in a lost dynasty

My hand in your hand

My eyes searching for the deadly night

I wish you to take a note

Love for me is all about what you hold!

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1 commentaire

Veenu Puri Sachdev
Veenu Puri Sachdev
30 déc. 2020

Beautifully expressed well written .keep going

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