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Learning to live on her own

Her heart was so tender,

emotions were her power.

She would do anything for someone she loves,

her existence revolved around truth, passion,

love-loyalty, growth, support, and

meeting of the soul.

Her eyes extended the sight of the galaxies,

Her smile proved to be the most beautiful curve on her body.

Her hope for true love was so strong,

no one thought it would ever end.

Well, things change, people change and so did she.

She lost compassion on the way of being mistreated,

she stopped believing,

her dreams tore apart, and

she was forced to understand that love

isn't for all.

Her eyes don't shine like they used to,

her smile faded slowly

as teachings hit her mind and body.

The mental pain turned into torture,

she did things she did regret for the rest

of her life.

Often pain makes you do things you don't want to.

She is now traumatized for the rest of her time,

she hates believing in love,

and her life is now on a very different path.

The path where she is alone,

her struggles don't pour into people's ears,

she is silent.

After all, the birth of the star isn't merely atoms combining,

it needs a lot of pressure, high temperature, and time.

She is ready-

to live a life free from all possessions,

to live a life of her own, on her own.

- that is a gift or a punishment,

she is still learning.

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Sanjay Bhatnagar
Sanjay Bhatnagar

Very beautifully written, God bless you beta

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