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Is love really blinding?

Do you feel a sudden rush when you see them? Is your smile just automatic? Do you wait for their texts or just a wave or maybe just a smile?

Love can be tricky at times. When you first fall for them, there are butterflies which are just so hard to explain. You're mostly happy and things don't feel the same.

I tried to pen down how I felt when I experienced love;

You stood right there, close yet far away

I had no clue if I was on your mind too,

Days were gone when I giggled softly,

I just wish to call you out loudly.

How could you not realise,

I was so mesmerised.

You were standing right there,

I stood waiting for a glance.

Unintentionally I was on the verge of pain

the single-sided story of romance,

I knew I had no chance.

One day as we talked,

you opened up about your loss...

I wished to lessen the grieve

Only if I had a remedy.

Trying hard to bring a smile

Couldn't figure out

how I lost mine when you

fell in love with another lie.

Love can be blinding. When you start thinking about their likes and dislikes, and needs, things do start to differ.

Love is magical.

When this magical emotion takes over your heart, you tend to be lost. Lost in the hopeful pleasures of being with them and receiving what you offer.

Don't let it blind you. Allow love to be your eyes, the power to understand beings with an open heart is rare. Think about them, but do not sacrifice your ambitions on the way. Be with them, talk to them but don't silence your intuition. Your gut will never be wrong about the person. Listen to it peacefully.

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