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I wish I had your eyes

Watch the Sun kiss the Moon

Saturdays went with the toon

you walked by the side

and then made me slip the slide

I am a pessimist

I agree with no fear in it

You ask me to be thankful

Oh well, I am mere critical

You defamed me by a name

I called you at the only game

when you asked the clock to strike right

you flipped the coin at its fright

I push people way too far

wish them to come back

my criticism turns them away

why am I this way?

People call it my zodiac trait

Right, Virgos have their own way

Frightened of bring lonely

We love to be alone

Sending them away from me

calling out the bitter names to be seen

poetry is the only escape

I find myself through it

The wries with I spent all night

Shallow tears made me feel alright

As you see the moon rising up in the sky

You tend to feel a little shy

the glamour of the stars they said

I presumed it might be their only quest

but as I moved forward

they asked me for who I was

In denial of what I appeared

I cloned into a mazy mistress

Having devil eyes

Born with a heart made up of ice

cold and emotionless

I then appeared to be

Because the queen I used to be

got lost in a melody

the symphony of sorrow

Nothing will be the same tomorrow!

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