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Her heart- a keeper

Today we worry about our love life a little too much. Some of us even have a checklist to find our perfect match. Well, this journey is getting tougher with each passing day. Some of us have given up on the whole thought of love, some have been waiting for the perfect human being, and the rest are just going with the flow.

Heartbreaks are unquestionably bound to happen. We all know that, don't we?

Yet, here we are risking the ache for something we don't know. This is the beauty of it. Putting yourself out there for opportunities in disguise and hoping to not have your tiny organ damaged.

Here is a small tale of someone waiting and hoping for love. For her, it too exists in some way but she is busy questioning its purity and finding it hard to believe.

I too wish for love- at times,

my heart does go for a calling,

but my mind is numb and my body is broken.

My heart is a silent keeper,

after so much damage, there is...

a silent hope.

In the past few days,

I have seen men and women cheating,

letting go of an 8-year-long tale

for nothing but the little glee!

Love is something where your soul smiles and

your body speaks very little.

It is lust where you break beds for mere pleasure,

Oh, my heart,

stop the wait,

ain't no man to satisfy our taste of thy made love!

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