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Gratitude- a way to live life

Here we are, bidding goodbye to yet another beautiful year. 2022 came with many things to worry about and somehow all of us found happiness in the little things. While we run around hoping to live what we assume to be a happy and fulling life, we lose a lot on the way. We forget to celebrate our little victories or are saddened by the tiniest failures. I am no self-help guide, but I want to share a life-changing lesson I learned this year.

Every day we wake up and go to school, jobs, or businesses to attend. Our newspapers are somehow swapped with online updates and our conversations have become bare cold texts. We cut ourselves away and begin to live in solitude hoping to change and develop ourselves. We rush and rush and rush and rush...

I have encountered situations wherein I was so busy hustling and being the best version of myself that I stopped noticing the little things around me. In life, it isn't happiness that we run after the target we've made thinking that achieving those will bring us happiness.

The lesson I learned this year is no matter where you are, or what you do, you have to learn to be grateful. Gratitude is all about the quality of being thankful, and the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. By being grateful, you learn to live life in a new way. You understand things on a deeper level and don't just crip about what went wrong. You form a mindset that is a breakthrough for a better future for yours.

Being grateful allows you to accept and acknowledge what you have and work hard for what you want. It helps you to be positive about life and maintain a positive outlook. When your mind is in the right frame, achieving your targets is no burden. You don't lose having a purpose in life. To be grateful and to spread kindness should be your daily task.

Begin your day with a smile and try doing little acts of kindness. End your day by remembering the tiniest of things that made you happy. It isn't anything big but such little habits affect your life greatly. You deserve to be happy. Nothing in life is more important than your health. Having a healthy body and mind leads to us having better chances at performing our work.

Let's welcome another year with the hope of living better each day. Allow yourself to live better, be better, and be you! Have a great year ahead and all the best for your future endeavors.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 01, 2023

Wow ! these are some words. jo sab kisi ne ek pdf main likhe the .

☺️🤍 but accha hai …, agar sach main aisa sab feel ho rha hai ..!

always in prayers 🤍✨

I wish you a wonderful new year and hope it brings you many blessings. Get rid of the old to make place for the new, and I wish you happiness throughout the year! Best wishes for the New Year! I am counting my blessings and sending more of them your way.

With courage, faith, and great effort, you shall achieve everything you desire.

wish you get the best.

and may your dreams never come true ✨ may things that you could never dream of…

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