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An Illusion

Love gives us an open book to read and mark. Mark a few words and later, move forward to the next chapter remembering what we learned before.

'Late night calls

All-day long texting

Completing each other's sentences


Looking around and blushing'

Teenagers give it all a new blooming chance. When your crush passes a smile, your day seems to be made. Right? That one damn smile.

You must be now wondering how I am talking about all beautiful things yet named this article as 'An Illusion...'

Now look here, after falling prey to the first breakup you start feeling;

'Late night songs

Soothing rhythm

Music is your life

Love is fake

Lessons learned

Staying alone

Partying hard or

No social contact'

In today's world what we understand as love is nothing but an illusion for some, lust for some, a mystery for rest, and untouched for a few. Let's see what it exactly tries to express...

The day you stop comparing heights, weight, body, fashion. That will be the day you broke the illusion. That day, you'll be seeing it clearly. The path of love isn't easy but never impossible. If you want them to work according to you, you have to make adjustments too. It is never one-sided.

You never get BORED of each other. You stay together irrespective of differences. If you love someone, you work towards the goal and not run away. Love means sacrifices.

Yes, self-respect is important. Yes, your privacy is important. Yes, you are important.

But, when you think about 'love', 'comfort', 'kisses', 'sex', 'happiness', 'being together'.

You have to bend your ego. You have to make sacrifices. You have to talk about it even if you want to skip the topic, you cannot go to sleep staying mad. You have to work for it to make it last. You cannot skip the efforts and dream about 'couple goals'.

Pleasure can be wished by those who know and value it. Falling in love is easy, but making it work? It will make you cry, strive, wanting to give up. But if you truly love them, you will make it happen.

Do you know why most singers sing sad songs? Why Instagram is filled with #upset or #breakup posts?

Well, it isn't easy to get the best. You have got to make the best. And well, not everyone is strong enough to give it everything it takes. If situations do not work as they analyzed it in their heads, they decide to quit.

Regret is the feeling you can never overcome.

I wish I could've given it my last. Her smile, I wish I could've taken proper care. He didn't deserve all this, I shouldn't have done that.

This won't help.

Learn to prioritize. You have goals, I understand. They have goals too! If they can make time and call you to ask how have you been, why can't you?

It is always a two-way thing. Understand. One side is filled with efforts and love, while the other has mere excuses and no emotions. The see-saw will bend one side and eventually you won't enjoy it. It will feel like a burden.

Talk about things, organize a couple of activities, go to a park. Go get some coffee together. Just keep the spark alive. Enjoy and do everything together. Make your dreams come true, work together!

Love is a beautiful illusion. All you got to do is understand.

And I need you to know that we're

Fallin' so fast, we're fallin' like the stars, fallin' in love

~James Arthur

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Me gusta

Sanjay Bhatnagar
Sanjay Bhatnagar
26 jun 2021

So beautifully expressed😊

Me gusta
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