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A sweet wish

Once and for all,

I decided to jump off the cliff...

My beauty was no longer steady

For once it was present

I wished it was tendered

Like it said to us when it was

Only surrender the thoughts of all

my wise days came to an end,

My father left us for someone else

I thought he was saintlike

Some of us were left alone

We thought we were a family

One were together for another

No one knows where he is now

Lost we are in the wood

Can I see him now?

Where is he now?

No one knows where he went

We wish to play again

Call out for him and run with a ball

Dad, wanna catch?

Let us play?

He ignores it now

For all, we know

we don't see him now

Those bright eyes come to life

Only with Madaari in his hands

With his words stinging hard

Oh Lord, grant me a wish

"I dream of how it all once was

Eyes and laughs and glance and glow

Terrors and fights and show and slow

We want to have you back in our home

One and two and three and four

I wish to have it like before"

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