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Do We Know Who We Are?

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

We might be living our lives under some self-driven circumstances. As we move forward, living our lives with the same routine, we tend to forget who we really are, and what all things we are capable of. This is perfectly normal, but over time it can create a void in our lives. Since we are not doing what we can.

Once a void is present, we tend to question anything and everything, often our existence. We all want to talk, share, and make friends. Growing in life becomes our constant reach but we fail at it. Why? Because we create loops of lies and fake assurances. We stop being honest about our feelings, emotions, and status. It makes it difficult for us to be who we are and we only try to be who we want.

There will be days we need ourselves,

days where we need one to talk,

times when we want to be alone,

and yet we want our feelings to pour.

Days we want to hold onto it,

for someone so divine and strong,

maybe hold onto it,

for something so simple and tiresome.

A day will come when we see how we want it to be,

a day where we define the endings,

where people see the world outside their cell,

a world of honesty and love.

Being away for long, I see what went wrong

When lies took over the dark,

my world became dead and black.

Now, I know, I see what it is

I have to find myself...

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