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Mistakes; unbearable burden

Often, unknowingly we drag ourselves into a situation where turning back isn't an option. We slide every minute thinking about the what-ifs. Committing mistakes isn't a sin, I believe. Worried about every person's circumstances, mistakes are something we tend to do. But learning from them is the biggest flex. I know breaking someone's heart and not being able to fix it, failing an exam and not being able to reappear, or even letting yourself down, everything eventually breaks you from the inside.

Well, life is a big stage. You come, you see, you walk, you dance, you keep flowing. One after the other, actors take the stage and show what they have, walk by and you keep standing there, alone. Sometimes, not always, you get someone's hand for a dance. You smile and start to move as the beat plays, smiling and talking is all you do. It feels home to you, you want everything to freeze the way it is taking place. Yet, your world flips upside down. With never-ending issues and a little problematic time, you are unable to know if that dance was for any good. Working all day and night, your heart is never at rest. Bugging you about all your doings, even the night is as loud as your noon. Nothing is at peace, the hard pounding of your heart makes it impossible for the brain to understand the situation and ponder about it.

Managing blunders can really be a tough task. You hurt not only yourself but people you care the most about. Blunders, mistakes, lack of commitment, everything beating around just makes it impossible for you to stabilize your mindset. You want to go back in time, fix things again, and work the way you wanted things to be. Sweetie, I wish it was that easy.

'I have been in a great mess lately, and honestly, I am the culprit. Wishing to go back and change every wrongdoing by the right one is all I really want.'

Being strong and analyzing your mistakes and also making sure that you'll never repeat them can actually help you focus much better.

'Worried about what exactly happened to me! I am unable to understand why, how, I did what I did. Broken, hurt, in pain, all the negativity is surrounding me. I want to fix it. I really do.'

Feeling lost is normal, a lot of us are unsure about what we need in life even when we are 30. But remember, when you are sure about that one thing you need, whichever stage of life you are at, you are sure that it is the thing that you want to fight for, trust me, make it stay. No matter what you have to do, make it work. Make it stay. The possibility is that it might not work out but try your best.

Many times in life, you end up being alone on that stage even when you had the actor's play. Only because you committed a mistake and you were so scared about making it right. Try your best. Plead, beg, love, do everything you can to make it stay. But when you are sure that it won't be yours, it is time for you to leave it behind and move forward. Self-respect is a thing, love makes you put it aside. When you love someone from the core of your heart, you are ready to give up everything for them just because you want them. For you they are everything. Even spiritually you are bound to follow what you need. And if it is them you need, go after it. Risk being broken. Nothing comes easy. Even after the war, things did stabilize, right? But yes, there was a fight.

Had everything messed up? A mess is made to make you realize your mistake. Mistakes might feel like an unbearable burden but diamonds are formed only under pressure. Love is that feeling where you are ready to risk being hurt just because you are optimistic.

Someone once told me, "Ipss, why do you have to see the negative side? What if we broke up? what if we do not make it? Why can't you imagine, what if we make it, what if we change everything for good. Be optimistic, please."

That was my biggest learning. Being optimistic. Nothing comes easy they say, easy dies crazy. We work for something strong like no baby. Being hurt by someone you love helps you realize how much you love them. You cannot be upset or get angry at someone you don't love.

That's it.

Easy theory.

"You love someone, you pray for the best. You want to be with them. They mess up. You leave or you stay? You want to clear or you wish to fade?"

Eventually, time is a healer. Crying is a demon that makes you shed your pain in heaven. If you love someone don't expect to not be hurt. They will be the ones who cause you a lot of pain. But when they realize it, they will be the ones who will make your heart feel at peace.

GO! Get on the rollercoaster. Get ready, it isn't going to be easy, but worth every fear-stress-tear-fight. You will reunite.

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2 commentaires

Vimanyu Chaturvedi
Vimanyu Chaturvedi
16 avr. 2021

Oh my god this takes me back to so many things that happened. You Write like water.


Vedant Bhatia
Vedant Bhatia
18 janv. 2021


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