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Left me Faded

I was trying to look deep into your eyes

Lusting the way you looked at me

I thought you would say that you loved me

You barely cared

Pushed me against the wall

It did hurt me, you barely cared.

I jumped Hawaii and landed in UAE

Wondering where you would actually respect me

Someone once told me,

‘Babe, love is wasted, hold my hand honey

I will make your body glide on mine.’

Love is wasted?

Why did it appear to me that your eyes speak my name?

Maybe It was just a torture

you wanted me to hold on, not run away

I thought you want me to simply stay

You Pricked my body with thorns, not just words

You wanted me to bleed

Bleed naked

Blood flowed from the thigh down to my ankle

Over for you to lick it slow

and soothe your ego before it could extrude

Your fingers touched the bare skin of mine

a horripilation of your touch tingled down my spine

You pressed my skin

Comforting your grave need

You were lost in the ejaculated pleasure

I stood holding back tears

Slowly running down my cheek

You hushed me

Slowly kissing my Nucha

You held me tight

From behind

Sliding the straps

Imprints of your lips

Moved from my shoulders

Holding my hands,

You pushed me away

My skin now has scars

I remember the reason for all

While you consoled me

You kissed me deeper

Ignoring my tears, flowing out

You kept me close

Short giggle wondering why I cried

You asked me to stay quiet

Sliding your hands to removed my tee

You unhooked my brassiere with glee

I asked you to stop

Your eyes froze in anger

Pushing me down

You held me like I ain’t tender

. . . .

Now I am shaking drinking all this coffee

Lost in the pain you gave me

Wondering what wrongs I did to receive a punishment like this

You let your hands do the talking

Every time thinking this is right

I sit confused

Wondering I was a fool you won’t regret

I got confused with the words you say

You must be proud of yourself

That was something you needed

I completely vanished from your life

No trace of you in my life, just my mind…

You pushed down. down. down.

Never allowing me to rise

Sweetheart, the love you gave me was wasted

You broke my heart

You broke my soul

Now when someone says ‘I love you’

It fills poison in my body

With no emotion, just regret

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