Like an option

You treated me like none

then begin to question,

'Why ain't I your number one?'

Dealing with what you have not seen

I call it a wave

I call it a cave

Unknown were we

listening upon tales of us

Talking about a story

That might be the worst

Dealing with mess

Is like a subtle art of chess

You glide and ride until you fall

beneath and slide,

you must've known

I believed in love true and pure

for life is uncertain...

you made me your option


Dealing with it once in a while

you knew I had a clue talking about your tsktsk

you were a poseur

making me deal with fait accompli

you make great fools

you are a finesse

I abhor the mindset

making me certitude that this isn't right

Justified as it may seem

you were a horror in a day dream

option it was

option was I

all I have known

you have selected humans by your eye.

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