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13 August 2018

When the love first struck me,

it was unknown how influential it could be.

I had no idea what it would mean

to be seen.

I walked across the deck

unknown to the sight of where my eyes were put next,

all I saw was a personage.

In a toned black t-shirt, he stood there guiding,

I was astonished at what I saw...

Perfection, right there it was.

To feel it first,

I fell in love.

The very next stare was to determine

if I was still in my conscious.

Often, lads like myself tend to be lost

in dreams of the unknown.

Standing right there, I smiled to myself

taking the next step...

As slowly as I could pass,

I passed with no sound.


Months were left behind

by the time I was noticed,

I was showered with smiles and soft giggles.

I couldn't be happier.

I was finally being seen.

Seen for not the outside but what was hidden,

in the deep waves of the sea.


Yet, time turned cruel.

Joy and laughter turned into

dreadful tears and wry.

I had no control,

had I the power to turn,

I would turn back time.

We had to move,


Taking a step, I still am walking with the bag.

Filled with those treasured memories.

Once which seemed lost, I carry with me

the joy of the moments, daily.

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